Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Talented Tuesday...featuring MOMS!

Wow! Am I excited to tell you who won last weeks drawing...ready? Michelle Amundsen! Congrats...enjoy your free shirt!!! I will pass your info along!!! With that taken care of, TODAY we have another VERY talented mom who has taken her business very far!!!! I remember getting a towel personalized while she was still working for Tahoe Joe's. Now, she has her own shop and completely working for herself and enjoying her babies and family! Please welcome Shea Lieder with Stinkin' Cute Designs!!!! I know most of you already have an adorable shirt from her, or bows, or leggings, or dresses, etc. We all love her stuff and can't help but say "that is so stinkin' cute!" Get to know Shea a little more today and enjoy her AWESOME photos!!! She recently went to Texas and had a professional photo shoot! WOW...so TomKat Studio like! Stikin' Cute went even MORE stinkin' Cute!!!! Check out below and her giveaway too!!!!

What inspires you?
As funny as it sounds fabric. With the right colors and designs on them. The ideas start spinning. I can't wait to get my hands on fabric and there have been many many nights that I lose sleep because I have new ideas that I can't wait to try.

What's your favorite piece you have created so far?
Baby Bloomers. It was one of the first things I started making and I still love them.

How do you find balance between family and work?
The secret word "balance". Its an ongoing goal. But through trial and error and through the holiday seasons I have found and I try to stick to. Work when my babies sleep & are in school. My time away from them is when I can focus on my business. So I am always trying to work around their schedule. I give myself boundaries and try my hardest to stick to them, so when they need me I can be just mom.

What do u want to accomplish with your business?
To be able to make quality, personalized items for all the special events in childrens lives. I love being able to share in all the big moments with items I love and be able to capture the moments that make them special. I am completely blessed by the way my business has grown, and the fact that I am able to do it from home. Once the kids are grown I hope to be able to open a baby boutique with much more from Stinkin Cute Designs.

What are your latest designs? Anything new?
Infant Gowns! I just love being able to design the take home gowns for these infant babies. Being able to work with the pregnant moms, and understand their vision and dreams for the first moments with their sweet babies and being able to be a part of it. It makes it so worth it when I am sent emails from the new moms with their sweet babies in the gowns. It never gets old. I just love it!

Infant Gowns...OMG So Stikin' Cute!!!

My girls have these shirts! Love them!!!

I want this chair, the shirt, and the baby! LOL!!!

Cutest booty ever! LOL!

And TODAY Shea is giving away a FREE Personalized INFANT GOWN boy or girl!!!! ((APPLAUSE))
Here is how you can enter:
1. Go to Stinkin' Cute Designs and tell me what your favorites are.
2. Become a follower of this blog and tell me you are.
3. Become a follower of Stinkin' Cute Designs blog and tell me you are.

3 CHANCES to be entered into the drawing!  Don't say you don't know HOW to post a comment...click below and type in your comment! It's easy and you will be entered into this FABULOUS drawing!!! 


  1. My name is Jessie Buehnerkemper! Huge fan!!! I love the infant gowns...actually, I love everything:))) Super cute stuff!

  2. While I LOVE all of Shea's creations, I have to agree with her that the bloomers she creates are beyond beautiful. Their quality is just top notch.

    I am exited to be a new follower of yours, and also stinkin cute's blog as well. I am excited about the give away!

  3. Love Shea! Love Stinkin Cute and love those awesome pictures :)

  4. Shea is so talented and makes the cutest stuff!! She did my daughter's 1st birthday outfit as well as a few Easter buckets and I couldn't have been more pleased! I am already a follower of her blog and am happy to be a new follower of yours as well! =)

  5. I love the infant gowns, but then again I love all Shea's items. I just received my order for the watermelon dress with matching bow I love it! and so dose all my friends and family. I look forward to ordering again real soon.
    Thanks for such cute and unique items!

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  7. My name is Nichole Lennon, soon to be Sabo. I love Shea's custom shirts & dresses and can't wait to receive my order from her. I'm already a follower of shea's blog and happy to add yours to my list as well.

  8. I love the name baby gown. So cute!